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Is your current ENG Helicopter Provider becoming an economic hardship?

If you’re considering dropping your ENG helicopter program due to its high expense, let us show you how to maintain your competitive edge without your viewers knowing the difference.

  Cherokee Helicopter Service Provides:
  • 24/7 helicopter package; includes pilot and camera operator.

  • Be the first station on the scene without the multi-million dollar contracts.

  • Rent us by the month or by the hour.

  • Something for every station’s budget, from the basic handheld package to fully gyro stabilized FLIR and Cineflex down link packages available.

  • Exclusive rating month package available upon request.

  • Our current aircraft are available upon request, and we are able to tailor any aircraft for your individual needs.

  • Let us show you how to have the best coverage possible, while saving your money.



Electronic News Gathering

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