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History of Cherokee Helicopter Service

As a young boy, Ken Walker, owner and founder of Cherokee Helicopter Service was amazed and intrigued by helicopter flight and the unique ability of this type of flying machine. He has shared memories when his mother drove him past an old farm where a Bell 47 would sit in the front yard of a beautiful farm, where he began daydreaming of flying this amazing machine.

Ken Walker


Ken’s dreams of flying never left him, and dreams do come true. After years of hard work, beginning with volunteering for the Army and shortly thereafter becoming a member of the First Special Forces and Airborne Group during the Vietnam Conflict, his window of opportunity opened for him to be able to pursue his dream of flying. As a young civilian, he became the owner of a special business which he later changed the name to Cherokee Helicopter Service named after his son, Cherokee.

Behind every successful man is a great woman, Judy Walker has shared the vision and dream of her husband to become owners of Cherokee Helicopter Service. After many years of sacrifice and labor, celebrating a successful and happy marriage of over forty years, they are able to also celebrate the success of being in the aviation and helicopter industry for over three decades.

Their son, Cherokee, was born with his Dad’s passion and love for helicopter flight, and as a result the family owned and operated business is able to share the family dream of providing the best quality helicopter service available in the industry. We offer a team of professionals committed to offering the highest standard to our valued Clients.

The business has done everything from remote coal and gas exploration, to electronic news gathering (ENG), Corporate Charter, NASCAR, banner towing, powerline and pipeline survey, organ procurement, and the Television and Motion Picture Industry.

Ken started something very special based on a God given dream, years later the family has been blessed to be able to do something they love in an industry they have a passion for.

Ken and Judy Walker

A-Team Helicopter

Young Cherokee Walker


Cherokee WalkerKen and Cherokee Walker

Ken Walker with WPXI Channel 11 NewsENG Helicopter Service

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